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Arthur's Nightmare is a fan-made horror game based off the children's cartoon series Arthur, created by Varun Ramesh. In the game, you play as a nameless protagonist (likely the creator) who has a nightmare in which he explores Arthur's house to find Woogles, whilst being chased throughout the house by Arthur family,

Reception for this game is mostly positive.

Gameplay Edit

The player walks around a three-dimensional rendition of Arthur's house. He/she must find objects called "Woogles". After six Woogles are collected the house turns red and spikes appear on the roof (though they lack any harmful effects in game). A Shepard Tone will also play. Ten of these must be collected in order to access the exit door and finish a "Night". There are four "Night"s.

In Night 2 and onwards, the player has access to a monitor which will track Arthur's position. Arthur will move to different rooms and jumpscare the player when they open the door to that room. D.W. will appear in all rooms and slowly rise from a portal in the floor. When she is fully out, she will jumpscare the player if there are still in the same room as her. Exiting the room will reset her. Jane and David seem to roam around the house randomly, and will also jumpscare the player when they get him/her. When the player is jumpscared, the game ends. The player can continue from the same night they lost on.

Progression Edit

For each of the four Nights, the hazards change.

  • Night 1: No-one is in play.
  • Night 2: Arthur is in play.
  • Night 3: Arthur and D.W are in play.
  • Night 4: Arthur, D.W, Jane and David are all in play.

Once all nights are cleared, the game ends.

Reception Edit

Reviewer Score Average 4.3/5 Average 6.8/10

Trivia Edit

  • It is recommended by the creator for Youtubers to mute the Shepard tone that plays when six or more Woogles are collected. Youtube's content ID system often detects it as a song.
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