Kirby's Dream Land Advance is a fan-made game. See Fan Games

Kirby's Dream Land Advance is a GBA styled recreation of Kirby's Dream Land, created by AndyTheTechie/Beam Kirby.

Plot Edit

The story is identical to Kirby's Dream Land; King Dedede steals all the food in Dream Land and Kirby must stop him.

Gameplay Edit

Kirby'sDreamLandAdvanced Gameplay

Kirby in the first stage.

The game plays much like the Game Boy Advance Kirby games, with the player inhaling enemies and either eating them or spitting them out as a projectile. Unlike most Kirby games, the player can't gain special abilities from enemies but instead from objects the player, Kirby, can inhale and spit out to activate it's power or simply eat. The player can also float by either pressing the jump button in the air or pressing up.

Progression Edit

The game features 5 stages:

  • Green Greens
  • Castle Lololo
  • Float Islands
  • Bubbly Clouds
  • Mt. Dedede

Each stage finishes with a boss fight and Stage 1 and 4 have a miniboss battle.

After beating all 5 stages and defeating King Dedede, a message will pop up stating that, although Extra Game isn't unlocked yet, but you can press right on the title screen when 'New Game' is highlighted to play a mini game. Pressing right will reveal 'Extra Game' (yes) and selecting it allow you to play a minigame!

Flappy Flapper Edit

'Flappy Flapper' is a Flappy Bird game where you control a bat enemy through blocks, much like Flappy Bird's pipe manoeuvring.

Reception Edit

The Game Jolt page has 170+ likes and 810+ followers. We're just waiting for a YouTube review of it now.

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Trivia Edit

  • Although the message after beating the game states that the 'Extra Game' isn't unlocked yet, returning to the title screen and going to play Flappy Flapper seems to show that it is. It's possible 'Extra Game' is the Flappy Flapper game (and the message was just talking out it's butt) or the menu is glitching out and the real Extra Game still needs unlocking.
  • In the original Kirby's Dream Land, the whale Kirby gets blasted out of near the end of Float Islands is unidentifiable (being just a large surface with a golf-like hole in it). In this remake, it's Fatty Whale.
  • You can run and slide in this game, whereas you couldn't in the original.
  • The AppData folder for this game refers to it as "Kirby_s_Dreamland_Remake".

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