Kirby: Return of Dark Matter is a fan-made game. See Fan Games

Kirby: Return of Dark Matter is an in-dev fan-game, created by Vanceten (aka "Epicmametchi") in 2018. Judging by the title, it will feature the return of the Kirby villain Dark Matter.

Gameplay Edit

The player can walk with the arrow keys, and run by tapping said arrow keys twice in quick succession. The player can jump with the 'Z' key and can float by pressing the key in the air. Inhaling is done by pushing the 'X' key and eating can be done by tapping the down key on the ground. If Kirby has a certain enemy in his mouth, he will gain it's ability by eating it.

The second stage of the demo features the 'Jump Jump, Slide Slide' stage from Mega Man 8. The player can shoot by the 'X' key to shoot down enemies and obstacles.

Development Edit

The game started using a Kirby engine based off the Game Boy Advance games. A demo would be released in late 2018.

Not long afterwards the developer, Vanceten, would remake the game with the 8-bit NES style, using an engine similar to Kirby's Adventure.

A few months later, the game would revert back to its GBA roots, as the 8-bit style "didn't go so well". An image would be posted on Game Jolt showing the new engine.

Music Edit

Some of the currently used music in the demo is not down and not identified yet.

  • "Snowboarding" - Wily Castle 1, Mega Man 8

Trivia Edit

  • The 1st and 3rd showcased versions of the game resembles Kirby Invaders from the Dark. Both have GBA Kirby sprites and inspired engine, plus both use already existing music.
  • The game also has a more closer resemblance to the (presumably) cancelled project Kirby RPG: Return of Dark Matter. Both have a similar title and used to have a similar engine.

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