Mario Obsessed Fan Interactive (shortened to MOFI) is the label given for fan-games created by YouTuber Mario Obsessed. The developer has been active since 2017, with the release of Mega Man OP in October.

History Edit

In late 2016, YouTuber 'Mario Obsessed' uploaded a video showing a now-halted fan game based on the Nintendo character Kirby (The fan-game being Kirby's Crossover RPG). In early 2017, he uploaded a BETA video for Mega Man OP, which would gain a small traction.

Game Development Edit

MO develops multiple fan-games at once (for example, he is currently working on Mega Man X Speed Run, Mega Man OP2, Mega Man Vs YouTube 2 and Mega Man OP World). All of these fan-games are made using Game Maker Studio 1.4. His YouTube channel is mostly dedicated to fan-game updates (like D.R. Page), with a main schedule aimed at there being at least one video each week.

Recently he released a multi-update video that showcased multiple fan-games of his and used annotations to explain things. It's possible that this may be a re-occurring thing in the future.

Games Edit

Game Year Notes
Mega Man OP 2017 Mega Man fan game
Mega Man Vs YouTube 2018
Mega Man X Speed Run
Mega Man OP2 2019
Mega Man OP World (In the Works) TBA (Likely 2020)
Mega Man Vs YouTube 2 (In The Works) TBA
Super Mario: Crossover Explorers (In the Works) Super Mario fan game,


Kirby's Crossover Adventure (In the Works) Kirby fan game,


Mega Man X Nightshade PSX (In the Works) Mega Man fan game,

remake of Mega Man X Nightshade.

Sonic Moon (In the Works) Sonic fan game,

Crossover with Sailor Moon.

Untitled Crossover Mario Kart (In the Works) Mario Kart fan game,

Crossover, related to SM:CE.

Cancelled Edit

Game Year started Notes
Kirby's Crossover RPG 2016 Kirby fan game,

Crossover (Kirby's Crossover RPG),

The first fan-games created by MO.

Kirby's Fruit Fury 2016
Mega Man: Universe Adventure 2017 Mega Man fan game,


Super Mario: Crossover World Pre-2019 Super Mario fan game,


Reworked into Super Mario: Crossover Explorers.

Other Edit

Game Released Notes
Mega Man 8 MegaEngine (In the Works) TBA Game Maker engine for Mega Man.

Edit of the Mega Engine

Kirby's Dream Land 3 "Vacumm" Engine (In the Works) TBA Game Maker engine for Kirby.
Wario Land 4 "Garlic" Engine (In the Works) TBA Game Maker engine for Wario
Super Adventure Island "Milk" Engine 2020 Game Maker engine for Hudson's Adventure Island, specifically Super Adventure Island.
Mega Man X 32-Base Engine 2020 Game Maker engine for Mega Man X, based on the 32-bit games (4-6).
Mega Man X MODD Engine TBA Game Maker engine for Mega Man X, based on the 16-bit games (1-3) elements from later games.

Trivia Edit

  • Mega Man Vs YouTube was intended for a 2017 Christmas release but was delayed because of an illness. The fan game was released after New Year’s Day, 2018.
  • As mentioned above, Mario Obsessed develops more than one fan game at a time. For example, Mega Man Vs YouTube started development during Mega Man OP's development, hence how the release gap between both fan games are close.
  • MO's earlier fan-games (rather the three cancelled ones) were never intended to be released, most likely due to quality or copyright concerns, which don't seem to matter to him nowadays.

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