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Mega Man OP2 (going to go by the title "Rockman OP2" for a possible Japanese translation) is an Mario Obsessed fan game based on the Mega Man series. It is the sequel to Mega Man OP.

Like it's predecessor, it got a mostly negative reception, though has been acknowledged to be an improvement. Another sequel is in the works.

Premise Edit

Story Edit

Taking place some time after Mega Man 11, a robot invasion occurs in Japan. During which, Mega Man is destroyed by an 'OP' version of Skull Man who tells Zero OP that someone named Dr.Izumi is taking over the place. Zero OP decides to fight alone.

Dr.Izumi tells Skull Man OP to kidnap a young girl named Momoko (who had apparently revived Mega Man into his OP form in the first game), as well as drop an 'OP Device' at her home. He does so and the device revives Mega Man OP in a new body. The newly-formed hero goes off to stop Dr.Izumi.

Reception Edit

Reviewer Score
The Retro Job 0.1/10

Nico, from The Retro Job, reviewed the game. On the Retro Job website it sits at 0.1 stars, with the review stating: "It’s a 0.1 step up from the original game...The game is criminally long for what it is." He praised it for a few levels, but criticised it for it's length, visual design and laughable bosses.

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Trivia Edit

  • In RAF Man's stage, there is a secret room that contains Zero OP and also Battle Man, Pipe Man and Cash Man from the first game. Konata Izumi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, Kagami Hiiragi and Miyuki Takara from Lucky Star (manga) are seen dancing in the center. If Mega Man was to stand near them, he will spin and spin.
  • This is the first game in the Mega Man OP series to have female robot masters.
  • There is an L-Tank and EX-Tank in this game.
    • The L-Tank refills the players heath fully when contacting it.
    • The EX-Tank sets the players default lives at 4, much like Mega Man X4.
  • The 8 robot masters in this game have two phases, when their health hits 0 it will refill and start the second phase.
    • Bosses like Disco Woman has the first phase being a battle against a giant disco ball and the second being against Disco Woman herself.
  • Every single stage in the game uses parellex scrolling for the backgrounds.
  • This is the first Mega Man OP game that features the "OP Buster" as the first game had the normal "Mega Buster" coloured orange. A fully-charged buster shot has particles following the main shot that does additional damage, much like the upgraded buster particles in ​Mega Man X and Mega Man X2​.
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