Mega Man Vs YouTube is a fan-made game. See Fan Games

Mega Man Vs YouTube is a fan game based on Mega Man by Mario Obsessed Fan Interactive. It is the second fan game made by him, and was released on the 2nd of January, 2018, after a delayed release intended for 2017.

Gameplay Edit

The is played like any other Mega Man game where the player can select the 8 stages to play in an order, There is also an intro stage that the player is greeted with when starting a new file. When the player defeats a YouTuber, he/she or obtains there weapon.

The game also has a ranking system. The ranks go (from worst to best) D, C, B, A, S. In order for it go up the player must destroy enemies, beat bosses and collect items (ideally E-Tanks, M-tanks and Lives). If the player gets hit, or dies, their performance drops and can go down a rank. If the player dies their rank resets to D. The ranks don't do anything in the game but is most likely a source of motivation.

Sequel Edit

A sequel is currently in development.

Glitches Edit

Spiked roof Edit

The spiked roofs that move in Hit The Target Stage 5 do not stop when the player pauses the game, meaning you could leave the game paused for a while and they'll have left, because they only switch movement direction when not paused.

Trivia Edit

  • Like Mega Man OP there is no introduction to the story. However, unlike Mega Man OP, there is dialog.
  • Unlike most Mega Man fan games, it uses a 16-bit style, as oppose to the usual 8-bit style used in most fan games. This isn't the only Mega Man fan game to use a 16-bit style, with Mega Man Endless also using similar 16-bit sprites.
  • The ranking system has no effects on the game. It's mostly likely there to show the quality of the player's performance or bragging rights.
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