Mega Man X Nightshade PSX is a fan-made game. See Fan Games

Mega Man X Nightshade PSX is a fan-make remake of another fan-game, Mega Man X Nightshade. The remake is currently in development by Mario Obsessed, with development starting in late 2019.

The remake is using a recreation of the Playstation Mega Man X engine (hence its 'PSX' title in the name) and will include many of the features that the original fan-game left out. The engine will also include some of the mechanics from Mega Man X8, such as all characters having the air dashing ability by default.

Premise Edit

Visuals Edit

The original fan-game used pre-existing backgrounds and sprites. It seems that this remake is instead re-drawing many of the sprites and backgrounds to match the 32 bit style of the game.

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay is more-or-less identical to Mega Man X4-X6, with some elements of X8.

The game will also feature armours for Zero and Axl. A gameplay video shows one of Zero's armours, that being the "Blue 'Sonic' Armour" which allows Zero to dash at high speeds and slash is sabre faster. Axl's capsules are unknown.

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