Please Come to the Castle is a ROM Hack. See ROM Hacks

Please Come to the Castle is a ROM-hack of Super Mario 64. The hack was created by Felegg as part of a "Creepypasta Competition" held by YouTuber SimpleFlips.

The hack gives the game the creepypasta treatment, where Mario must travel through Princess Peach's castle that is filled with typical creepypasta imagery.

Premise Edit

Story Edit

The game starts with the player being shown Princess Peach/Toadstool's typical message, now changed to "please come to the castle" repeating. An eyeless Oof enters the castle, which is not what it seems.

Style Edit

As mention already, it's styled after creepypastas. Imagery includes floating eyeballs that chase the player, blood red skys and static screens. The concept of characters having missing eyes is present, something popular among creepypastas. The hack even has a horror-like cut-off ending made to scare the player.

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay is identical to Super Oofio 64. However, the player doesn't go through painting to different worlds, rather it is a short adventure, basically made up of two stages ('Peach's Castle' and, I guess we'll call it, 'Creepypasta Platforming Stage').

Reception Edit

The hack ranked 2nd place in the 'Creepypasta Competition', placed closely behind Regular Pasta.

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