Sonic Neo Genesis is a fan-made game. See Fan Games

Sonic Neo Genesis (formerly known as Sonic Mega Drive) is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan-game created by Felik. The game seems to still be in development with a demo from 2016 being currently available.

The game seems to have been met with a positive reception.

Premise Edit

A typical Sonic adventure where the blue blur must travel through zones and defeat Dr. Robotnik / Eggman.

Gameplay Edit

SonicNeoGenesis Gameplay

Sonic in Tropical Madness Zone Act 1

The game plays like a traditional Sonic game. When starting, the player is stripped of certain moves (such as spindash) but can be obtained by collecting Sonic Rings, objects hidden through out game's levels. There are five in each act. Further abilities that can be unlocked include the Elemental shields and Insta-shield from Sonic 3.

Progression Edit

The demo only has two zones, each with two acts. Bother acts are connected as one level, similar to Sonic the Hedgehog 3. At the end of both acts, there is a boss fight, with Act 2's boss fight being Dr. Robotnik/Eggman. Act 1 also ends with a signpost with Act 2 ending with an animal capsule that Sonic must bust open by jumping onto a button placed on it.

Currently playable zones:

  • Zone 1: Tropical Madness Zone
  • Zone 2: City Lights Zone

Development Edit

Development seems to have started during 2015. The game's creator, Felik, stated in the fan-game's website's first post that he wanted to "create something that would bring joy to fans all over the world."

Pulse0 would take charge of development after Felik apparently left. Updates on the game's progress continued, and in mid 2017, the game's engine would be ported to Game Maker Studio, since Pulse0 didn't know too well about Clickteam Fusion, the software the early game was built on. In late-2017, a post declared that it would miss an appearance at SAGE 2017. Another post wouldn't be uploaded until early 2019, when a twitter account was also created.

Trivia Edit

  • In an early version of the game (seemingly pre-2016-demo), Tropical Madness Zone's music and the Act 1 boss theme were different. The Act 1 boss theme was the boss theme from Mega Man X5.

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