Sonic the Hedgehog Time Twisted is a fan-made game. See Fan Games

Sonic the Hedgehog Time Twisted is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan game made by Overbound Game Studio, heavily based off Sonic CD  (and in a way could be considered a unofficial sequel/spiritual successor), see Sonic travel through time within stages. The game was released in 2017 to critical acclaim.


Sonic's moveset is a mash-up of Sonic 3 and Sonic CD; the player can spindash, perform an insta-shield attack and can do a Super Peel-out to launch off at incredible speed.

Time travelling is similar in concept to the game that inspired it; the player finds one in a level and can use it to go to an alternate version of the current stage. Activating it can simply be done by running at a "PAST"/"FUTURE" sign at a fast speed, causing the time travel effects to immediately occur. There's only a past and future varient of each zone in this fan-game.

Special stages can be accessed by finding a large ring hidden in every stage. The stages themselves are 3D, akin to Sonic CD and Sonic Advance 2. The goal of each stage is to race Metal Sonic to the finish line, avoiding enemies, spikes and pits. Doing so will grant the play a Chaos Emerald.


  • Zone 1: Attraction Attack Zone
  • Zone 2: Raging Ruins Zone
  • Zone 3: Frigid Fortress Zone
  • Zone 4: Viridian Valley Zone
  • Zone 5: Drifting Dynamo Zone
  • Zone 6: Tidal Tubes Zone
  • Zone 7: Submerged Saucer Zone
  • Zone 8: Planetary Panic Zone

Each zone contains two acts. Each second act contains that zone's boss fight.


Source Score
GameJolt 5/5
Indie DB 9.8/10

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